Kitchen Life

I would say that a majority of those in the service industry have seen and can relate to the movie Waiting. I’ve seen it a million times, it’s great. For those who haven’t seen it, shame on you. For those who have seen it, I have never given anyone the goat or the Abraham Lincoln. So it got me thinking how fortunate I am to be working in a closed kitchen again. My last job was in a busy Italian restaurant with an open kitchen, with seating literally a foot away from the grill I sweated away at daily. This definitely made me bite my tongue countless times and limit my eye rolling to a minimum. By minimum, I mean less than a hundred times a day. So what actually goes on in a kitchen, outside of the obvious monotonous prep, getting ready for service, cooking, cleaning, etc? To begin with, you work with the same people day in, day out, all day. So all your business outside of work is known, not just by the kitchen, but by the front of the house as well. Good luck trying to keep a secret. However, this does add to a great comradery in the kitchen that is difficult to explain to those who don’t work in restaurants. There is nothing like sitting down to a cold shift beer or five after a crazy night at work and just hanging out with those who got their ass kicked all night with you. I’ve also noticed that stuff you may find hilarious is impossible to explain to those outside of work. They just look at you weird. One phenomenon that I have discovered recently in down time is lady and the tramping. What is lady and the tramping you ask? I’m sure you have seen the Disney classic where they share a spaghetti noodle. Well, my fellow coworkers and I have taken it to the extreme. Pickles? Sure. Jimmy John’s sub? Why not. Ice cream sandwich? Perfect. You get my point. Nothing wrong with sharing a cookie with another grown ass man, right? Working in a kitchen is a different animal to say the least. But something I would never trade for anything. Sure the hours are long, it’s hot, stressful, and the money isn’t great. However, I have met some amazing people in my years of being in a kitchen and continue to look forward to going to work everyday, something a lot of people cannot say.



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