A Humbling Experience

So I had whole other post planned about the joys of kitchen puns, but then I went out to dinner last night. I’m not going to say where I went because I’m not that guy, but you can figure it out. It was a very humbling experience to say the least. I hope this doesn’t come back and bite me in ass. But oh well, here we go anyway. So when I started the blog I wasn’t trying to be a food critic. Wasn’t my goal to go out and bash a restaurant. It was just an avenue to rant and give my own perspective to what it is like to work in the restaurant industry. I go out to eat probably more than the average bear because I don’t feel like cooking on my days off, unless it’s summer and I can grill and get a sunburn in 30 minutes.  Maybe my expectations are too high because I have worked in food and beverage for so long. But it’s why I became a chef. I love food and appreciate everything that it takes it to get to my table so when I have a bad time it’s really disappointing.  I pretty much plan my days off around where I am going to eat and drink. Amazing food can be ruined by terrible service; and outstanding service can cover up shortcomings in the kitchen. However, you know it’s not going to be a good night when I get two courses before I get my first adult beverage. You could tell the server felt bad because he kept telling us the drinks were coming. But when I did finally get a drink it was made wrong. I freakin’ hate tonic. It ruins my gin. I swear it was at least 30 minutes before I got a correct gin and soda. Not rocket science. And it wasn’t even that crazy busy. It was a Wednesday night! It’s also a bad sign when I don’t even take pictures of the food. If you’ve seen my Instagram you know I like capturing what I’m eating and drinking. Sucks seeing other people get drinks while I’m sitting there like it’s the Sahara. The food wasn’t even that bad; maybe a little bland and overpriced for small plates, but at least it came out really fast. Maybe they need to put one of the chefs behind the bar. It’s funny, as I was sitting there eating, I was like where are we going after this for an actual dinner?  I’m a pretty laid back person too, I’m not going to ask to speak to the manager or tip the server 10 percent. I’m not a foodie who critiques everything either. I appreciate that they took care of the beverages, but it just set the tone for the night. In my humble opinion, I just won’t go back. There are too many other good restaurants in Raleigh where I can spend my money and get better food and service. Case in point, last week I had three days off in a row, and I had three outstanding restaurant experiences…Kimbap, Garland, and Bida Manda. I’d much rather go back to those places because they consistently provide a great overall product. Enough gear grinding for one day, time to fire up the grill and have a cold one. Cheers foodies!



One thought on “A Humbling Experience

  1. Good read. Kinda wish I knew what place that was but maybe it’s better I don’t. Agree on those 3 stellar places you listed. 👍🏻👍🏻


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