Write of Passage

So why did I start a blog anyway? To be honest, I figured why the hell not. It seemed like everyone else had a blog, so why not me? If Guy Fieri can become famous, then I can at least start my own blog. All my experiences as a chef and working in the service industry would be interesting enough right?  Would people actually read it though, that was the question. It’s almost been a year since my first post, and people are still reading for some reason. I’m no Bill Shakespeare, but I think my dry sense of humor comes across in my writing. That was my biggest fear actually; that people wouldn’t read it or either they wouldn’t like it. I think it took some cojones to put myself out there for the world to see and to critique. When I started this whole endeavor I didn’t want to write just to write, I wanted it to mean something; not just a waste of time on my part, and for those people who were reading it. You know, not to have mail it in post or filler just to say I blogged something this week. All in all, I think my blog has been a success in that aspect. Have all my posts been winners? Of course not, but it has been great writing again. I missed it. Whatever creativity I am lacking in my career it has been transformed into the blog. That’s the great thing about having your own blog, you can write whatever you want, obviously within reason. Sometimes I publish posts that I think are great and I get crickets. Other times I’ll post something and it blows up. Who knew? What is really cool is when I get people reading my blog from other countries. Great Britain, Australia, even Canada eh. Sarcasm translates apparently. I think it is funny that two of my most popular posts were about The Ale House and Applebee’s. What does that tell you, that I should stick to writing about shitty restaurants? Maybe that’s my calling; instead of The Well Red Chef I should be called The Well Red Chef Shitty Chain Restaurant Blogger. Hey, at least there is plenty of material to write about though. Thanks for the continued support, it has meant a lot to have people that actually follow me and enjoy reading what I have to say. It makes this whole project worthwhile. And yes, there will be another visit to another shitty chain soon. Cheers foodies!



One thought on “Write of Passage

  1. I want to fit as much into this as I can. Foodies, heard, b’s a glass half full kinda girl, top 5 penises, top 5 buttholes, e’s obliviously a rapist, dick songs, fucking Adele, fucking Tay swift, fishing in the dark, duck blind, I like to see it, aye you’re mothers a terrible cook, I have to move my car, close the damned cooler, dolphin noise, one more steak, tar tar beets, farting cum back and forth forever, softshell corn, you know my new band, you know my new website, aaaand we’re a busy restaurant.

    Big ups homeboy.

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