Chain Reaction

Since the terrible chain experience went so well the first time, I must be a glutton for punishment. Next up was O’Charley’s in Brier Creek. I hadn’t been to one in years, and I obviously wasn’t missing much. I was surprised at first glance of the menu at how expansive the beverage options were; Margaritas, Signature Punches, Southern Favorites, Classic Cocktails, Sangrias, and even Sunday Brunch Drinks. I said expansive, not good though. I decided to opt for a Front Porch Punch and a Sour Cherry Julip. The Front Porch Punch wasn’t terrible, was like drinking Firefly and lemonade; in other words, my mid 20’s. The Sour Cherry Julip on the other hand, not so much. The menu listed it as Red Stag muddled with cherries, fresh lime juice, and mint. My ass. More like cherry ‘Tussin on the rocks. Still taste it a week later. Yikes. Enough about cocktails, on to the cuisine. To start, we ordered the Tater Tot Fondue; the one saving grace of our trip to O’Charley’s. Pretty much tater tots with a side of nacho cheese topped with bacon and scallions. Sounds pretty freakin’ good right? Name one person who doesn’t like tater tots. Yup, you can’t. They were really good though. My better half got a wedge salad with actual big chunks of blue cheese. Not bad so far, things are looking up here. Then the entrees arrived and it was all downhill from there. I decided to avoid ordering a steak again since the one I got at Applebee’s was cooked to death. By death I mean gray city, Sahara dry. Chicken pot pie with mashed potatoes and bacon seemed like a safe choice. Marie Callender would have been proud of the pot pie. The mashed potatoes on the other hand were gluey, bland, and absent of salt. I sound like Gordon Ramsay all of a sudden. One bite and I had to take a swill of ‘Tussin. Not sure what was worse. I tried a bite of the chicken fried steak. One bite was enough. Hey, at least we got a free slice of pie since it was on the 9.99er menu. I did overhear a guy at the table behind up ask if he could get his steak Pittsburgh. I almost died. It’s like me going to Golden Corral and asking for rare tuna. Not gonna happen. So a promising start fizzled away. Chain restaurants 2, The Well Red Chef  0. Oh well, I’m persistent and will keep eating and drinking away at America’s chains to settle the score. Cheers foodies!

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One thought on “Chain Reaction

  1. […] Plus as many of you have read before I have an affinity for visiting chain restaurants.  See Chain Reaction or I Did Not Eat Olive It. So being inside PF Chang’s you do feel like you are at the mall […]


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