I Did Not Eat Olive It

So I did it foodies, made it to Olive Garden for a Taste of Italy. I figured out of all the shitty chain Italian places it was probably the best right? Lord help me. Getting there around 8 on a Wednesday it was a ghost town, besides the lovely sound of screaming kids. Another drawback of chains, they are very family friendly. When I go out to eat, I don’t want to hear them; hence why I don’t go to chains. Plus the food is shitty.  Anyway, as at Applebee’s, the tabletop tablet has arrived at Olive Garden. Who needs a server anyway, I can order an entire meal, drinks and all, through the tablet. Got an allergy? You can also alert the kitchen of any dietary or allergy restrictions as well. Who knew? So to start we got the lasagna fritta. Fancy mozzarella sticks in other words. Hard to mess up fried things. Not gonna lie, paired with my Lemoncello LIT, pretty tasty.  Although it felt like I was drinking lemonade. One thing I have learned through my chain experiences is all the specialty cocktails tend to be either super sweet or super acidic. And I’ve gotten a Long Island two out of the three times so far. Is there a theme going? Time for a bottle of red, we are in Italy. Coppola Diamond Collection it is. Nothing but the best right? So of course we obviously had to get the endless salad and breadsticks. Obviously. When in Rome. It was as I remembered the last time I was at the Garden.Yummy iceberg deliciousness. So for entrees I was really tempted to get the Taste of Italy. I mean what trip to Italy is complete without authentic Alfredo sauce, spaghetti with meat sauce, and chicken parmigiana? Instead I got the sausage stuffed rigatoni. Not the wisest of choices. Should have gone with my gut and pigged out on pasta and red sauce. The better half got the stuffed chicken Marsala with mashed potatoes. Kudos to Olive Garden for the mashed potatoes, seasoned alright and they were not actually gluey, somewhat fluffy. The chicken, eh. Not great, not bad. The bottom piece was dry as a bone. Keep the Coppola coming. As tempted as we were to get tiramisu or zeppoli, we passed on dessert. I was surprised to see zeppoli though, good for the Garden. Instead we used the handy tablet to swipe my card and we were done. Completely stuffed with chain Italian goodness. So Olive Garden wins the shitty chain challenge by a mile. Applebee’s and O’Charley’s are tied in a distant third place. So next time you need a chain fix, get something fried, stay away from the specialty cocktails, and never order a steak, unless you’re at Outback. Cheers foodies!

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One thought on “I Did Not Eat Olive It

  1. […] you have read before I have an affinity for visiting chain restaurants.  See Chain Reaction or I Did Not Eat Olive It. So being inside PF Chang’s you do feel like you are at the mall because it’s big and […]


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