Dining 101

Do’s and Don’ts of Restaurant Dining:

Leave the kitchen a tip, a $20 bill goes a long way for the people who have been hustling all night cooking your food.  When you tip your server the kitchen doesn’t see a dime of it. It’s a nice little reward at the end of the night to come out to a beer or two waiting for you.

Something that has always bothered me is the people who come in late with incomplete parties. I know you’re closing in half in hour, but we’ve got a party of ten; however only three of us are here. So you’re gonna camp out and inconvenience the kitchen and the FOH just to hold a table and keep everyone late. Real nice. Just because you have nowhere to be doesn’t mean that I don’t have plans after work. I’m tired, I want to sit down and catch my breath finally.

And another thing, please call ahead or check the website for the hours. I make it a point not to show up less than an hour before they close, unless it’s Cookout or Waffle House. Heck, I don’t even order food from my favorite dive bar if it’s 1:30 in the morning. Just because a restaurant is technically open until 11 it’s not polite to show up five minutes before they close. They wanna go home too. t’s not fair to keep an entire restaurant in limbo simply because you are hungry. Shanghai Express delivers until 3 AM I hear…

If you use a coupon, tip on the original price. Two entrees for only $20! We only gotta tip $4 right? NOOOO. You may be getting a good deal on your food, but your server isn’t. Good karma always comes back to you. So does bad karma to that effect.

And other thing that grinds my gears…don’t send back food after you ate the entire plate. You know after one bite that you either like or don’t like something. We were out watching football at a local establishment the other day and ordered a couple of burgers, MR of course. Well, they came out like charcoal. I mean cooked to death. No pink. Gray city. I had a bite or two, that’s all I could stomach. Anyway, we didn’t make a big deal out it, just told our server that they were both wayyyy overcooked and we didn’t want anything else. She was nice enough to take them both off our bill. Easy as that. Just be honest with your server and don’t try to get something free out it. Karma I tell you.

And if you have an allergy, tell the server when you see them the first time. I don’t know how many times that food has been sent back to the kitchen because no one knew they had an allergy. You figure if it was serious enough that they would want to notify someone right? I’m no crystal ball. Again, just be upfront with your server at all times. The more your server knows the better they can make your dining experience. If you’re a vegan I’m not gonna recommend the steak.

Don’t make your server run a marathon for you. Ask for a refill of Pepsi, a side of ranch, and another fork all at the same time. They don’t get tipped on the number of steps they walked for your table. And you’re not the only table they are waiting on either. Foodies.

I’m sure they are plenty of more faux pas or gear grinders, if you will, but I think that’s enough for today. Dine out, support local, use your manners, and more importantly, use common sense. Cheers foodies!



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