So yesterday was my last shift at Poole’s Diner. Two years have come and gone. I still don’t think it has set in yet. Not sure when it will.  Leaving was a lot harder than I thought it would be. The kitchen really is a second family for those of us in the service industry. We spend a majority of our week inside a confined space with a handful of the same faces. They see you at your very best and your very worst. It’s sad however that it takes people leaving for everyone to spend time together outside of work. Last night as we were reminiscing and having a few beverages, hearing a simple “we’re really going to miss you” truly does make all the difference. Thanks for putting up with all my Zantrums everyone. I’ll miss you all.  So I decided to compose a list of all my lasting memories over the past two years. I’m sure I missed a few though. I hope they bring y’all a smirk or an eye roll or two. Enjoy!


You owe me a shot of bourbon

Four quart

Two quart


Inside you

Don’t touch me

The sound of pouring heavy cream

As it comes


God Bless America

It’s Sunday Martin

Dick Songs

Using the squeegee backwards


Quit throwing shit

The Darkside

My neck, my back

We eat ribs with this dude

Time to clean

Ca ca ca ca ca- macs up

Add it

I need to move my car

I got a bibb up

Can I get a coke-cola?

Butters, biscuits, buttercup, butternuts

What does the fox say?

Reading Rainbow

Route 60 dicks

Kumbucha, Kumchi

Do you understand me better when I talk like this?

Staff’s up

What’s for staff meal?


Waiting on a call from a stripper

Dracula Italiano


Matt spitting out mac n cheese

Junebug go home

Drop a bomb on me

The Gambler

Gingers do have souls

What does a duck say?

Yeah sure? Yeah sir





Take a lap


Like a Wrecking Ball

Short shorts

Shuck corn in the walk-in

Bamboo shoot

You got Rotella’d

Reel long time

Cut butter, cut lemons

Prep for tomorrow

Ray Charles

Gray scoop

Panko in the dining room

Where’s the robo coupe??


.com, .org, .edu

Show me your genitals

The drawer is a drawer

Put it on top of the salamander


Such a good lawyer

Fuck the Diaz Brothers

Getting things wet


Robot voice

I hate you guys

Fetus legs


Mac on the back

Not my fault

Runner please

Do that 10 more times

Order in a Blythe

Can I get Jason’s/Lauren’s shift beer?



Eating glass

Car ramrod

Wild Turkey


I was told we could play music at a reasonable volume

Symphony is here

No bite

Everything is awesome

This song goes out to my main man Zan

Banana way


Chicken of the cave

They stank! Hate ‘em

This is what I do when I sit on you

You must plate something if you walk behind me

That is correct

Bird is the word

Bananas in pajamas

Real corny

Ty Cobb

Aw shucks




Cheers foodies! On to new adventures.



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