Raleigh is losing another landmark this week as the old The International House of Pancakes on Hillsborough St. is closing its doors and moving down the block into a new shiny location in the Stanhope building. Gone is the familiar blue triangular roof that was like a beacon to drunk college students, almost as if calling your name as you were leaving The Player’s Retreat, Sadlack’s, The Brewery, PB’s or Jackpot. Now it will just be another sterile cog in the mix-used development that has taken over the city. Gone is the quaint ‘The International House of Pancakes’ sign that first graced us in 1968; now we’re only left with bright white neon coloring the sky. This seems all too familiar, as I had previously written about the revitalization of Hillsborough St. and the overall loss of charm and character in Raleigh. https://thewellredchef.wordpress.com/2015/01/21/the-ail-house/. The people watching on a Saturday night after the all the bars closed was epic. There were all walks of blurry-eyed life, wanting their Rooty Tooty Fresh ‘N Fruity Pancakes to soak up a night full of cheap domestic beer and Jager. Not to mention some amazing longtime servers that spent many a late night serving the youth of Raleigh. At least we still have the ‘ol Waffle House for late night munchies. Not to get all sentimental, but as a Raleigh native, sometimes change can be hard. You grow accustomed to how things have been, and in some cases the change has been welcomed. However, I’ll still always miss the old North Hills mall back before it was Midtown, the grimy Ale House on Creek Side, and of course the beautiful dingy blue roof of The International House of Pancakes, as I can’t bring myself to call it IHOP. I just hope we don’t turn into Cary. Cheers Foodies!




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