Miscellaneous, Part Deux

Back again folks, glad to be writing again. Had a little dry spell, my house was like an igloo. So I finally made it to Bittersweet in downtown Raleigh. If you haven’t been there, check it out. You can get cocktails and bubbles, along with great desserts. Raleigh has always been missing a place to get something sweet after dinner. I have a major sweet tooth; after a great meal I want sugar. It’s my biggest complaint sometimes with restaurants. Dinner is great, but desserts are boring. Cheesecake? Some sort of bread pudding? Molten chocolate? Etc. You get the idea. Hereghty Patisserie, Lucette Grace, and Bittersweet are three great options here in town for those of us who like great desserts that don’t fit the typical mold. Hopefully it’s just the beginning for Raleigh. I suppose I was spoiled in New Orleans. Baked Alaska? Yes please.

So the other night I had a two top come in late to the restaurant. By late I meant 11:30 ish on a Sunday, and they were restaurant people. I will not disclose where they worked, but it was not in Raleigh. Anyway, got me to thinking about protocol of dining in a restaurant late at night, especially if you work in the industry. Personally, I always check the hours of places that I am thinking about eating, especially if it’s fine dining. If it’s Cookout or Wendy’s, not a big deal. However, as someone who works in the kitchen, I’m not going in late to a place. I’d rather come back another time when I can actually enjoy the full experience and not feel rushed. If I’m spending that kind of dough I want to make it worth my while. On a side note, we were told everything was rad. Foodies.

One more thing I have been thinking about is the ordering of protein temperatures. By that I mean what is medium plus? Rare plus? Well plus? Pittsburgh medium? It’s all subjective. Half the time when I order a medium burger it’s gray in the middle; which is why I always order medium rare. I’ve been cooking a lot of tuna recently, MR of course. But when someone orders a medium rare plus tuna, what does that mean? Pretty much you want medium. If it’s ever a plus order, I just cook it up. And yes I have cooked Pittsburgh medium before. The term Pittsburgh just means you want a hard sear or char on the outside, and it’s usually rare or medium rare. I’m still waiting for the day I get a Pittsburgh well done. I’m just going to leave it on the grill for an hour. Give the customer what they want right? On that note, going to one of my favorite Raleigh restaurants tonight, J. Betski’s. Stay tuned. Cheers.