Another day off, another blog post. Rather than talk about one specific subject, I thought I would just ramble on about a lot of different things that I have been thinking about/grinding my gears.

To begin with,  know what really grinds my gears? This Lindsay Lohan. Lindsay Lohan with all those little outfits, jumping around there on stage, half-naked with your little outfits. Ya know? You’re a… You’re out there jumping around and I’m just sitting here with my beer. So, what am I supposed to do? What you want? You know, are we gonna go out? Is that what you’re trying to – why why are you leaping around there, throwing those things all up in my, over there in my face? What do you want, Lindsay? Tell me what you want? Well, I’ll tell you what you want, you want nothing. You want nothing. All right? Because we all know that no woman anywhere wants to have sex with anyone, and to titillate us with any thoughts otherwise is – is just bogus” Sorry about that, had a Family Guy flashback. Seriously, it does grind my gears when it’s late and we seat half the restaurant and we get nothing from the front of the house. No heads up, no “hey guys, we just sat a bunch of tables.” Zilch. Nada. Nothing. Yes, I realize we are open for another hour or however long. But at least give us a little warning. We’re stuck back in our little hole in the kitchen, in our own little world. We have no idea what is going on in the outside world, let alone the front of the house. Otherwise I’m going to go incredible hulk on my t-shirt and say something I probably shouldn’t. But hey, I have the blog for that right?

Bering the new guy in a kitchen can be very intimidating. New surroundings, new people, a new way of doing things, etc. Plus the way you have done things in the past is not how it’s done here. It’s all about relearning something you already know. You feel like you are annoying everyone trying to locate where everything is. You become accustomed to where all the hiding spots of things are, so when you come to a new kitchen you have to learn it all over again. Most kitchens I have worked in have been very small with their own built in clique. It’s like high school almost. If you don’t fit in with everyone within the kitchen you probably won’t last too long. I know whenever I start a new job I tend to be quiet for a while so I can feel everyone out. Now they can’t get me to ever shut the hell up. I’m sure they wish I would go back to the guy who didn’t talk for the first few weeks.

I was bored the other day so I looked at Yelp reviews for what it seemed like hours. If you ever need a good laugh, just look at bad Yelp reviews. I’m not sure what rock some of these people crawled out from, but they need to go back. Stinkin’ foodies and their social media. I say that as I am getting ready to publish a blog and mention it on Facebook. However, I don’t write about any of my restaurant experiences. I may tell my fellow kitchen employees about a great dinner I had at so and so restaurant, but I’m not going go on Yelp and write a bad review about it. I used to go on OpenTable frequently and look at the bad reviews of where I was working at the time. Always good for a laugh or an eye roll. I did look at some of the reviews of where I currently work, and generally they were all super positive. But there were the occasional bad reviews. The bad ones were pretty terrible, but I think every restaurant is going to have some not so good reviews.  However, most are from those people who either don’t get what we are trying to do, or are just a general pain in the ass to begin with. Can’t make everyone happy, as hard as you try.

Well I hope you have enjoyed my two cents, I’m off to try to get into the Christmas spirit and purchase a tree, hopefully without a live squirrel inside, Griswold style.