Missed Opportunities

Happy Turkey Day! Besides Christmas, Thanksgiving has to be my favorite holiday. When else can you eat too much, watch football, fall asleep, do it all over again and it be socially acceptable? Not to mention having cocktails and spending time with those you love. However, I have missed my fair share of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and pretty much any major holiday due to work obligations. Someone has to cook for those who are either too lazy to prepare a holiday feast or have no desire to cook. However, I get to spend it with my work family, something all those in the service industry understand. Working next to someone 50 hours a week you get way too close to them and spend more time with them than your real family. I don’t know how many New Year’s Eve’s I have spent toasting at midnight in the kitchen as I am just starting to clean up from the night or Mother’s Day brunches I have spent cooking for other people’s moms. Yes, I understand it’s part of the industry, working when everyone else is with their families or loved ones. Doesn’t mean I have to like it or feel bad when I see friends who have to serve/bartend/cook while I am enjoying a beverage and stuffing my face in the comfort of my parent’s house. For me, it’s great for the entire family to get together under one roof and celebrate all we have to be thankful for. It’s part of the appeal, people actually taking the time to make a dish for Thanksgiving or Christmas. Does it always turn out perfect? No. The turkey may be dry or the sweet potatoes have the little marshmallows. What matters is you are with your family at home. I’ve never gone out to eat for Christmas, Thanksgiving, or Christmas Eve. It’s blasphemy if you ask me. I have grown to not take family time for granted because I have missed so much because of my choice to cook for a living. I love my job but regret all the time away from my family. I guess I am lucky that they live so close to me because there of plenty of others who cannot see their families when they only have a day or two to travel. Well I’m going to go finish making my oyster stew, drink spiked eggnog, and spend the day with my crazy family. Cheers and Happy Thanksgiving!