Stress Relief

Working in a kitchen can be a very rewarding and amazing experience. However it can be extremely stressful and taxing mentally and physically. How do we cope with all of it? Besides the obvious alcohol abuse we have YouTube to thank for stress relief/decompression. Listening to Kenny Rogers’ The Gambler on repeat for six hours can be very therapeutic surprisingly. Try it at home if you dare. You got to know when to hold them, know when to fold them…over and over in my head. Every time I hear it outside of work it definitely has a new meaning. I think we try and find new ways to either annoy or entertain each other through YouTube. Phrases such as ain’t nobody got time for that, dead giveaway, hide your kids, hide your wife, and hey apple will forever be imbedded in my mind. Just look them up on YouTube and you’ll know what I’m talking about. Working on your feet all day in a stress filled kitchen will make you lose your mind and the little things will seem hilarious. Case in point, listening to cats meowing for an hour can be pretty hilarious. Maybe not when I’m home on my day off, but at work after a long day it’s great. Like I’ve said before, we are a different breed of people.  I think we flock to each other. Another thing I love about working in restaurants is the wonderful world of kitchen puns. What are kitchen puns you ask? I’m sure the rest of my fellow coworkers could explain in great detail about how I punish them on a daily basis. See what I did there? For example, during the summer when corn in a prevalent ingredient, I can be very earritating. I can get real corny. Aw shucks. You get the point. It doesn’t stop at just corn though. No ingredient is safe from my witty, yet terrible sense of humor. Rabbit? A hare more salt. Macaroni and cheese? It’s macnificent. Watermelon? Don’t be so melancholy. Nice melons. It’s a long shift so I like to keep things light. For every great pun there are probably ten more that I either get groans or “that’s a stretch.” It’s gotten to the point that they are expecting them from me. I’m just lying in the wings, waiting for my chance to chime in with my two cents of terrible puns. On that note, I think I have punished my readers enough for one day.